I have just about had it with Verizon


I have been a Verizon customer for more than 10 years, and I'm seriously considering switching to Tmobile since they will pay my contract.  Verizon is by far the most expensive carrier and the least responsive with updates.  Has verizon ever been first or even second with releasing a major update? 

Unfortunately I signed a new contract last year when I got my galaxy s3.  It's funny, I went from unlimited data, to 2 gb/month.  I don't care about the amount, because I don't come close to using it all; but my friggin bill didn't go down, and has consistently increased.  That's like going to McDonald's and wanting a Big Mac and hearing "Unfortunately that's not available anymore; but we will be happy to give you a regular hamburger.  It's the same price as the big mac though."  That to me says that loyal early adopter customers like me will get screwed every time.  They lure you to get you on board and once you are, you aren't important anymore; but since you're used to your bill being this high, we will reduce your service and keep the pricing the same.  If you give me less, I should pay less. 

Also, have you seen the latest phone line up?  Was anyone else underwhelmed by the selection?

Verizon, you are about to lose me as customer for good!

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Re: I have just about had it with Verizon

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I sometimes can't understand posts such as this.

1 - In your case, at least, Verizon IS NOT giving you less. You say you are using the same amount of data, not coming close to your 2 GB included allowance. It would appear Verizon is giving you the SAME amount of data you have always used. You simply don't have a larger unused amount anymore. The price for your data you use HAS NOT CHANGED. The price for high data users HAS INCREASED.

2 - You DID pay less. You COULD have kept your unlimited data, you simply would have had to pay MORE for it. You would not have been able to receive a ~$400 discount on the phone you purchased when you signed your contract, so you paid ~$400 LESS because you chose to go to a 2 GB data allowance instead of the unlimited data allowance you didn't need.

3 - Prices go up. That is a for the most part a fact of life. I used to be able to pay less than a dollar for a gallon of gas. I now pay a dollar for about a quarter gallon of gas. I am NOW paying MORE FOR LESS. That is what happens when prices go up. Gas it not the only thing I pay more for than I used to pay. Most things are the same way.

Regardless, I am a strong believer that everyone should go with the provider which best suits their needs. If that is a provider other than Verizon, I think it would be silly to stay. I know when/if I find a provider which suits my needs better than Verizon, I will certainly make a switch.