How do you transfer media from your computer to your phone with the new update? LG G2



I am VERY VERY UPSET with the new update verizon has forced me to get on my phone. There are SOO many issues now when my phone used to be perfect for me. The two issues below are making me most frustrated because I have spent 7 hours alone JUST TODAY trying to figure this out. Not to mention all the hours before since April 2nd when this stupid thing happened.

  1. You cannot update or edit music on your phone
  2. You HAVE to use this new "connect your media wirelessly" with a computer but when you type in both addresses nothing connects.

I consider myself a little tech savvy, I know how to figure things out and reread the directions and work with the device and my lap top. As i said before I've spent hours apon hours trying to figure this out and nothing has worked. I'm so close to not even having a phone just because of how difficult it is to use. Please help

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