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Can someone tell me why some of my apps will not work when I am not by wifi.  Everything works fine at home but at work, it seems that nothing does.  I always thought that if wifi wasn't available that the phone would use the 4G network.  Is that wrong?  It gets really frustrating when you are trying to download something or look at something and it won't work.

I cannot look at Youtube videos without wifi.  So, I can use my phone for other things besides calling and text messaging all of the time but any apps only 20% of the time?  I tried turning my phone off and then on to see if that made a difference and it didn't.

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Re: Help with wifi

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Your phone and apps should work excellent mvw718! Whether using Mobile Data or WiFi. I'm sorry this hasn't happened. Which phone do you have? Has it ever worked well without WiFi? Please try removing SIM card & restart phone. If the issue is only at work, it could be something inside the building preventing the 4G to work well. Do you experience any problems with calls or text messaging? Please elaborate on when this started.

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