Help please trying to set up new phone with same account

I just bought a new moto e and I'm trying to get it activated with my current number I already got almost everything else switched over from my old phone which was a lg optmius exceed 2 which is only a 3 g phone my new phone is 4 g and has a Sim card which I have never dealt with before but I can't seem to get my account on my new phone any advice would be great thanks in advance

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Re: Help please trying to set up new phone with same account

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Help has arrived Alexsmommy4-13-12! Ensuring you get your device content over to your new device is my top priority. I just need a few details first in order to ensure proper resolution. How was your previous content stored (i.e. backup assistant plus, Verizon Cloud, SD card etc.)? Are you using the same Gmail account for the current phone as you did your previous one (this helps to restore previous applications from the Play Store among other content)? Lastly, what content did not transfer over to the new device. Let us know. We’re here to assist.

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