HTC M8 lagging and freezing after Lollipop update


I've had this phone for about a year now with no problems. Ever since the update about 3 weeks ago, it is literally to the point where I hate using my phone. These are the problems I've been having:

- Takes several minutes to turn on.

- Some apps, eg. BBC News and ColorNote will take over 10 - 15 minutes to boot after my phone is turned on. The icons come up grey and when I press it, it will say the app is not installed.

- The phone runs SLOW. When I press the messages icon, it will take about 30 seconds for the text messages to even appear. After that I'll need to wait another 10 - 15 seconds when I press the name of the person to read their text message.

- Any kind of typing produces a very long lag. Text messages, internet, Google maps. Any time I type the phone freezes for several seconds, sometimes 10 or longer and then it will catch up with what I'm saying.

- The battery drains very quickly, even when I'm not using it and have closed all of my apps. The phone can be fully charged and an hour later it's at 60 - 70% even if I'm not using it. This has never happened. I used to be able to use it for a day at least before it needed charging. Now I'm carrying my charger everywhere and constantly plugging it in or else it'll be dead within hours.

These are the biggest problems I can think of. When I call Verizon I'm told I should try uninstalling apps and logging out of ones I'm not using like gmail etc. This has not helped. I've tried resetting but from what I'm seeing that isn't helping either. Is anyone else with the HTC M8 having any of these problems after the update??? Is there a way to go back to the previous version?

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Re: HTC M8 lagging and freezing after Lollipop update


Yes. I'm having all these same issues. I'm pretty close to taking my phone in to a Verizon store to have it evaluated. I have never had an issue with this phone...now it sucks!


Re: HTC M8 lagging and freezing after Lollipop update

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About all you can do once you take the update is to either run a System Cache Clear followed by another or Run back to back factory resets to make sure there isn't much left of the Last OS but I will add in doing a Factory reset it may or may not work but for now it's about the only thing that might work that is until something of a new update replaces the one that was just released..

I've told members before and it goes like this with anything if what your using is not broke or running oddly don't go out and change or try and fixit at least till you find some evidence that what your about Download or have Downloaded is fully functional I have not update my one M8 and until I know all issues have been minimized I won't

Good Luck.! 

Re: HTC M8 lagging and freezing after Lollipop update


Me too, I've tried everything and best is rebooting but that sucks when I'm trying to take a picture, txt, etc. So I'm moving back to a NEXUS 6 now that it is available on Verizon, my wife's NEXUS 5 works fine since the upgrade on ATT and I love the way the NEXUS functions in all areas.