HTC Incredible download


  I went to sync my phone wit h my computer. I have had the phome awhile but have never done this step until today. As I was finishing the download process a window came up saying the it is not compatible to a 64 bit computer. first i find it hard to believe. Second can anyone help me out here.

? what do i need to do to get the download off he phone and into my computer? Thank You

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Re: HTC Incredible download

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To get the sync program go to htc.com and look for the Incredible page.Here is the link to the Sync download page.


What VZW wants you to download is a useless program. (IMHO)


To kill the request everytime you connect your phone to your PC, do the following:


dial ##7764726
Hit Call
Type Password 000000 (that's 6 zeros)
Hit Feature Settings
Choose CD ROM
Click Disable
Hit menu, commit modifications (it will say no item changed)


You will never be asked to load that program again. Besides there is not a 64bit version.