HTC Droid Eris sound bug/crashing problem

My htc droid eris had a problem since I got it Friday. I could only get sound from: calls, mp3s, and ringtone/notifications. I got no sound from: videos, apps, browser, (youtube,pandora,games, ect.). I spent 45 minutes with Verizon in store and then support tech on the phone and the rep was having the exect same issue with his demo phone. Now he eventually had me pull out the battery while the phone was powered on, which fixed the sound problem on both our droids. I was able to replicate the same sound issue again today. While running Pandora in the background I went into the sound and display settings of the phone. When I went to change my notification sound and it killed the Pandora audio in the background. After this nothing but ringtones and mp3s were audible again. However the first time I had this happen neither I nor the tech support guy had installed or used the Pandora app. The only way to fix this again was to pull the battery while the phone is powered on, powering on/off again does not work. Hope this helps anybody having the same problem and to help address and fix the problem in the software.
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