HTC Droid DNA Charging issues..


Im curious as to if anyone had this problem. I had my phone now for about 3 months. Suddenly it stopped charging. When plugged in youd need to hold it in the corner of the usb port in order for it to charge. since i still have the manufacturer warranty on it, Verizon replaced it. I received the one they sent me yesterday only to find that the problem is reoccuring and that the headphone jack doesnt work. I called verizon again and theyre shipping me out another one. Its getting a bit rediculous that i cant even use my phone due to faulty issues. Ive tried 3 different chargers and different wall outlets. I took off the case and made sure the charger is in 100%. I dont know what else to do. If Verizon sends me another refurbished phone that isnt working, Can i request for a brand new one? I dont want to keep shipping phones back and forth untill the warrenty runs out..

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