HTC DNA not finding location. please help


my brand new HTC DNA is not finding location. all location services are turned on.  it doesn't work on wifi or using LTE.  the phone has been reset and still no location services.

what good is having a phone with GPS capabilities if the location services don't work.

please help!!

thank you.


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Re: HTC DNA not finding location. please help

Customer Support

Hi there chnacat!

Whether you're using it for navigation purposes, weather, or just for looking up nearby restaurants, GPS is a very beneficial feature so I'm going to do everything in my capacity to locate a resolution here.

Of course, I'm terribly sorry to learn that this has been going on but it's nothing we can't troubleshoot. First, may I ask if this has been going on ever since you got the phone? Also, do you have the most up to date software? You can verify this by going to settings > about phone > system updates. And does everything else work properly on the device? Another option we may wish to try is safe mode http://vz.to/W1DXHp . That will disable third party apps so we can better isolate the issue and fix things. Please let me know how this works as we're eager to help.

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