HTC DNA hobbled by Headset Issue


My otherwise fantastic HTC DNA Droid was recently hobbled, quite severely by the lack of a better term, by "The Headset Issue". Whenever i plug in my 3.5mm jack to listen to music the icon for headset (the one with microphone) comes on and stays on even though i am using my phone as a media center for my Truck and my Home. To make matters worse, the icon does not go away after unplugging, renders the phone impossible to use a a phone unless it is hooked up to some sort of headset and beats audio, a pretty good software package for listening to music is rendered pretty much useless as the sound is at a lower volume and can barely be heard at the previous loud levels i was used to before.

I did do some research and apparently this is a known issue with this phone.I think it occurred sometime after software update 2.06 but not exactly when the software update occurred but about a month later. To fix the problem you can reboot and use the phone as a phone but as soon as you plug in the 3.5mm jack again, it reverts to headset mode and cannot be used as a regular phone. There are some software suites at Google Play that help this but its clunky and requires you to open an icon and turn on and off headset output. The Headset Icon is still visible at the top of the phone and the sound level is still at a reduced level. I have been an avid droid user for quite sometime and have always had good luck with my droid phones but at the price point i paid for this phone coupled with a two year contract does make it a cold dish indeed to consume. I've only had the phone for about 7 months so i am kinda stuck with it.

Cudos to Verizon for understanding my problem and sending me new refurb phone after a fairly brief discussion with their tech support personnel.Thisproblem has taught me to do a better job at picking new phones in the future.I thought HTC was a stellar brand What irritates me the most is that I was shopping for the Galaxy S3 when the Verizon dude at the wireless store i went to suggested the HTC was a better phone for the price point! Ugh!


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