Google Maps cannot locate GPS signal on Galaxy S4


Hi.  My Verizon Galaxy S4 seems to have developed a problem where Google Maps looses the GPS signal just as it is starting a route.  When I open Maps, it seems to know where I am.  When I ask it to plot a route, it seems to do so correctly but as soon as I start Navigating, I get the message that it cannot locate the GPS signal.  Then in about 5 minutes or so, sometimes longer, it seems to find the signal.  This  has been happening for about 2 months.  I read some posts where it was suggested that I open the back and tighten the screws, which I did, but I can't say it helped.  Then another post said to remove all of the screws and fool around with the antenna and the contacts and such, which I don't really want to do because I know I'll break something.  Funny thing is my contract expires next month, and something in the back of my mind says that this is built into the unit, so when my contract expires I will want to renew it and buy a new phone.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Thanks, Dave

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Re: Google Maps cannot locate GPS signal on Galaxy S4

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Well, now that the warranty is void anyway, and if you want to maintain a discount (if on More Everything) after the contract ends, I guess youre not out anything and can just get a new phone on a new contract if that idea doesn't work.