Galaxy Stellar Email Brightness Settings

The pre-installed email product on my Samsung Galaxy Stellar is experiencing the following problem after OS System Updates:

All other programs on the phone utilize the brightness settings from the Display settings, but the email product is dim (pre-sleep) regardless of what I do.  If an email is selected and opened, it is still dim.  When I transition to other apps, home, etc. the screen returns to the pre-set brightness.

Any actual customers have any experience with this?  Professional Verizon posters welcomed as well.

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Re: Galaxy Stellar Email Brightness Settings

Customer Support

I don't want you to continue to be unhappy like your name, let's figure out what's going on. I see two of my co-workers have reported this issue on customers' devices, but it is still being investigated. Can you please clear the cache on your email application by going to Settings, Apps, Manage Apps, All, Email. Clear cache & reboot your phone. Let me know if this screen is still dim.

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