Galaxy S5 drastically slows home wifi?


I have fast internet. My brother plays online games while I'm on my ps3 online, my mom is watching netflix, my dad is playing games on his computer and someone is on an ipad all connected to my wifi at one time with no noticeable problems unless someone is trying to upload or download an extremely large file and even then it's only a little bit of slowness. I get a Galaxy S5 and suddenly our wifi slows to a crawl. The second I turn wifi off the internet jumps back to it's normal speed. I have no idea what to do. I'm afraid that if I leave wifi off I'm going to go over on data because I use my phone for checking emails and using work apps and using skype and things like that.

I have my phone set not to do automatic updates and it always asks me about turning on wifi when I need to download files. So I'm taking that to mean it doesn't download files unless I'm on wifi? I don't sync my messages but I do sync data with the cloud. I'm not sure how that works. The apps I have downloaded are facebook messenger, walgreens, walmart and tsu. I've added skype and pinterest recently but my wifi was uselessly slow before I ever downloaded those.

I had the wifi on my phone and nothing else was using the internet except my laptop I was trying to watch a youtube video on. I couldn't get it to load the page at all kept giving me an error. I turned off on my phone and just like that the page loaded and the video started about 12 minutes into the video I turn the wifi on the phone back on and bam.. there goes the video giving me an error that it couldn't load... I then turn the wifi back off and it starts right back up again.

Anyone else having this problem? Are their settings I can change? Is there something I can do? 

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