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Spoke to a Verizon rep over the phone today. He stated that per a Samsung news article, all S4 pre-orders between now and May 29th are guaranteed to ship by May 30th. Any truth to this? I ask because my upgrade date isn't until May 16th and I would hate to get my name on the list late and have to wait till god knows when to receive my phone. I was also unable to locate this same article myself. Thanks everyone.

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Re: Galaxy S4 preorders

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Cold71,

I appreciate your inquiry. I'd like to address your concern. I do not have any knowledge of the news article in question, but you've come to the right place to ask. Since your upgrade date is on May 16th, you can confidently pre order at that time. Your device should ship by May 30th. Here's a link for more details Please rest assured that we will get the device sent out to you as soon as possible.

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