Galaxy S4 needs a lifeline after Lollipop update - not acceptable


Downloaded lollipop yesterday May 7,2015, wow what a mistake. Major issues and here they are:

1) ringtone volume turns down by its self while just sitting idle on counter, missing calls?

2) whistle is the only notification sound it will allow me to have for text messages?

3) no blinking LED to show missed calls or texts messages?

4) the words Verizon Wireless is in task bar (top left small corner) which blocks any other icons from showing up there, no email icon, no texts icon?

5) no email icon or sound to show new emails?

6) when picking up phone from its idle position, no indication that I have any texts, emails, notifications, anything? Once phone opens I can go to each individual icon and it will have a number showing new items.

7) phone is warm in pocket now?

😎 powers off when it wants to?

9) battery life has dropped significantly ?

this is just what has happen since yesterday . I have reset phone, I have removed sd card, SIM card and battery , waited five minutes and put back together. Still in 2 yr contract until May 23 2015. Called customer service and they would not let me get new phone early.Being in a two year contract is fine, I just can't make this work for two more weeks. This phone is not only for personal, business and family, this is my only means of communication with elderly family which can not reach me in emergencies now.

Verizon please help me out of this disaster ?

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