Galaxy S4 Stolen / Returned With Shattered Screen / Just Removed Insurance


Can someone help me my phone was stolen and returned by a neighbor that had found it in the street, down the street. He recognized my case and brought it back to me. I have 4 lines on my account and I am the primary account holder. Is there any way I could get a replacement for free or get some type of compensation here. I recentyl removed the insurance on the phones due to financial hardships. I really hope Verizon would help me out here since I do Have 4 lines. Please if someone could direct me to the right person or tell me what to do I would be so greatful. Thanks

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Re: Galaxy S4 Stolen / Returned With Shattered Screen / Just Removed Insurance

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Verizon is not going to give you a free replacement.  The insurance would have covered this, but you made the financial choice to drop it.  The burden of replacement is on you.

You do have less expensive options than buying a brand new phone - there are very serviceable used phones on eBay, swappa, and other sites.  Perhaps a neighbor or family member has an unused Verizon phone sitting in a drawer that will work until you can afford to buy a replacement. 

Many years ago my family decided to drop the insurance, and save the $$ we would have spent on premiums and deductibles and simply buy our replacements when and if we needed to.  It was a choice we made, knowing full well that if anything happened to the phone(s) WE had to replace them, not Verizon, or Asurion, the insurance carrier.