Galaxy Note 2 Won't connect to WiFi or 4G Automatically


I don't know if it's a problem with my phone or Verizon, but recently when I turn my screen on and try to do anything online it says it's not connected. I have to go to the WiFi settings and turn it on or off. It's not just my WiFi, because if I'm using 4G it does the same thing. Normally this happens if the phone's screen has been turned off for about 5 minutes. I do have the Battery Saver app on my phone, but even when I disable it, it still happens. Plus I've had the app for as long as I've had my phone (6 months) and it has never given me any troubles. I started deleting any apps I have downloaded in the past 2 weeks and nothing has changed.

Please help!

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Re: Galaxy Note 2 Won't connect to WiFi or 4G Automatically

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Hi BrieHart,

My sincere apologies for the issues that are occuring with your device. We certainly want your device to be functional at all times. The good news is, we actually can pinpoint if this is an application that is causing issues. We recommend running Safe Mode on your phone to see if issues remain. To learn more about this option, please visit http://vz.to/1d3nGvA. Please keep us posted if issue remains after utilizing this method, thanks!

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