Email on Stratosphere Isn't Working


Hi. Bought the Stratosphere two months ago. Verizon set up "primary" gmail account and I can't remember which one I used. I have three total, but I can narrow it down to two.

I have been using "Email App" not the "Gmail App" to manage email.  "Email App" is set up for all three of my gmail accounts and has been working fine until yesterday.  It seems that "Gmail App" also has two of those three accounts set up. Not sure why, but I never use it.

So yesterday the only things I did differently

  1. I removed the "VZNMN" option from my Verizon Wireless settings b/c those text messages are annoying. I don't even know what that is.
  2. I changed Google+ App settings from the primary email to another.

Mid-day, email vanished. All three accounts existing messages disappeared from "Email App" I could send, but not receive. It will not permit me to delete any of those account "User Access Denied" and that's that. Gmail itself is fine. Nothing lost.  Contacts fine. Etc.

I looked "Gmail App" and see that it has some sporadic email. I had it set to "not synch" but I admit I don't really understand that anyway. Nonetheless, I cannot remove these accounts using the various menus. Just nothing happens. 

So I am quite stuck. I really don't understand how the apps differ and which I should be using. I also really need to have those three accounts on my phone. Finally, I don't know where to turn for help.


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