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Droid Turbo: I live in the NYC metro area, but recently my phone has been losing service constantly while I drive. I ask my sister who is on the SAME FAMILY PLAN, and she has service. What is wrong with my phone?

This started happening a couple of weeks ago when my phone would randomly fail to recognize my sim card, resulting in complete loss of service. Most of the time it would come back after a minute or so. Recently around July 4th, it failed completely and would not regain service. I was told by Motorola support to wipe the cache partition, which worked. I decided to update to Lollipop, hoping it would fix the issue. Now I haven't seen my phone fail to recognize my sim card, but it does lose service while I am outdoors in heavily populated, metro area (I am sure verizon has plenty of service in my area, otherwise millions of people would be complaining). This is extremely frustrating as I rely on my phone's GPS to drive around, and and being unable to update for minutes at a time is completely unreasonable.

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Re: Droid Turbo: Intermittent loss of service

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You might Try pulling the Card out for about 10min while the phone is in the off position then re-install it so it can reconnect to the Network see if that works if doesn't help I'd run it by a Local store see if they'll give you a New Card once it's installed power it up at the store.. have them check your PRL and if the conditions don't change have them run a Factory Reset.. if the same happens there's still issues then I'd see if they will issue you a replacement but hopefully just doing what i mentioned at First will solve the Issue..

Good luck b33


Re: Droid Turbo: Intermittent loss of service

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I'm sorry about your service issues rickas. I know its upsetting to have problems when others in your area and on your account do not but we will help get this resolved. The information provide by B33 is correct. I would first try getting the SIM card replaced at a store location or via customer service on the phone.

Is there any damage to the phone? What is your zip code? How is service when travel outside your immediate area?

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