Droid Razr M Battery after KitKat Update


I recently updated my Droid Razr M with the KitKat update when prompted.  Battery life went from not needing to be charged for well over a day, to draining from 100% before the work day ended with light use. 

I contacted Verizon and humored them and did the "battery trouble shooting" things with them, even though it appears to be a well known issue.  When the troubleshooting had no effect after a few days, we did a factory reset, which also didn't help.  I ended up getting a new phone because I had extended warranty coverage. 

When I got the new phone, the battery was a dream, just like old times, after 2 days the system prompted me to do the KitKat update, which I did against my better judgement. 

Meanwhile my husband also did the KitKat update on his Droid Razr M and started experiencing virtually the same battery problems.  Now both of our batteries drain about 50% faster than they did before the update. 

My question is, if this is a known issue with Verizon, why bother treating it like user error?  It also seems like to "resolve the battery problem" (which they don't acknowledge is a direct product of the update) they ask users to basically not use their phone normally, but limit their usage to get more battery life, which isn't a solution at all. Is there an actual solution related the the problem (the KitKat update) that I can use to extend battery life on my phone?  Or should we both call and request replacement phones since the malfunction is not due to any sort of user error?

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