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I am so sick of this phone!!! I have a Droid Pro and For the past several months my phone has periods where it has NO signal at all but people sitting next me have perfect signal. I have taken the phone to verizon store and they do factory resets on it and say that should fix it.. well guess what... IT NEVER DOES!!! I can be sitting in the middle of town and my phone is searching for service! Or when I'm home with the wifi on and my laptop and the other phones in the house recognize the wifi my cell phone cant find it!  I havent even had this phone a year and now I wish I had never gotten it! If I didnt have so much time left on my contract I would just turn it off and go with another carrier since nobody can seem to fix this thing!

The phone did a software update last night and now it keeps shutting off and rebooting every 15 minutes and I havent received a single text message since the update, when I know i have been sent messages.

With a phone like this, whats the point in even having a cell phone!!! Fed up!

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Re: Droid Pro problems

Community Manager
Community Manager

Good Afternoon mnunn0424,

I know the importance of gaining reliable performance from your handset. I'm glad to hear the software was recently updated. Please verify the version is as follows:



Please test the handset in safe mode to determine if third party apps may be causing the issues.


If the handset is still not responding, please complete a hard reset, as it will likely correct the issues now that the software has been updated.



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