Droid DNA lag when connected to wi-fi


I am having an annoying lag in my Droid DNA when it is connected to wi-fi. I touch a link or type a letter and the phone doesn't respond. Then, after a few seconds it will execute one or more of the inputs -- sometimes slowly, sometimes in a burst. This performance issue was noted in some of the negative reviews of the DNA but nobody connected it to wi-fi. For my phone it is definitely linked to wi-fi. If I am connected to wi-fi (home or work) I get the lag. If I am connected via 4G I don't get the lag. Any suggestions?

I'm really hoping to avoid resetting the phone and adding apps one by one to debug this problem. On the other hand, I would rather use wi-fi than use up data.

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Re: Droid DNA lag when connected to wi-fi

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Hi McEligot,

Oh No! That does not sound good. My apologies that you're having issues with your device while connecting to WIFI. I appreciate the enclosure that this is happening with multiple WIFI locations. In order to rectify this issue, I recommend running your device in Safe Mode. Safe Mode instructions can be obtained by visiting http://vz.to/W1DXHp. By attempting this step, this will allow us to eliminate the possibility of a hard reset. Please keep us posted if you have any additional concerns, thanks!

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