Do Not Get a Devour!!!!!

I got a Motorolla Devour phone and it was the worst mistake I could have made. Not only does the phone frequently freeze up and 'hiccup', (move slow or stop then go back to the home screen suddenly), but there will never be an Android OS update for the phone. You are stuck with the original version of 1.6 (as compared to 2.1 and Froyo 2.2). They stopped all OS support and upgrades to this phone!!!! Also, I had to do a Master Reset 4 times now, loosing 1/2 of my data, contacts and all of my applications. I had to do the reset because my phone would not boot even after 5-6 tries with removing the battery. I use this phone for work and I often have to borrow someone elses until I can get mine working again. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! I am so dissatisfied that as soon as I can get enough money together I am going to get a REAL Android phone. Preferably something not made by Motorolla who primarily support and promote their top selling phones and ignore the lesser phones. And sorry Verizon I can't afford to take a chance with purchasing a phone from your website or stores. You already sold me a piece of crap phone for top dollar and won't work with me on upgrading to a new one until my 2 years is up. How can I trust you again?
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