Dialer will not let go other calls


How to get Dialer to let me disconnect a call in progress without hanging up on an incoming call?

There seems be two versions of the Dialer on the Verizon Prepaid phones. It seems the 3G might have an Older version? On my zOne2 and Exceed2, the app was able to break out into a windowed mode but it was administratively disabled and would quickly vanish. The version on my Transpyre does not have that option but has many other features.

Both versions allow for a second outgoing call. To merge calls and to tell me that some one is call waiting. However when I go to switch lines, I am only offered to merge calls. I cannot hang up on either selectively without dropping both calls simultaneously.

In the rare case of a Verizon operator not being able to help, I was told that from the drop down menu I could selectively pause or hang up on calls in progress that both lines would be shown. However at most only one was ever shown, and I was never able to hang up selectively. Now on my Transpyre, nothing is even shown on the drop down. So it seems regarding incoming calls with a line active i am even more limited. I cannot pause or hang up on the current call. I cannot dismiss the incoming call or send an SMS that I am on the other line. From the perspective of my caller, I am ignoring the call.

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Re: Dialer will not let go other calls

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Community Manager

rflulling, I know this would concern me just the same and we definitely want to help. These devices may certainly have varying operating systems as well as functions, so it's possible the previous Dialer may not be the same as what's on your current devices. Reviewing the manual,we were not able to see any specific mention of this either. In this case it may be best to reach out to our Prepaid support group for assistance with the device. They can be contacted directly by calling 1-888-294-6804. Also, you can find some specific support information for this device on our website here http://www.verizonwireless.com/support/lg-transpyre-prepaid/.

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Re: Dialer will not let go other calls



This is not a device specific issue however it does effect every LG Verizon

device I have ever used, though it does seem to be slightly worse in this


I reached out on the boards in hopes that some one else had figured out a

solution. Could maybe offer a better dialer than the one that ships with

the phones.

By the way, it might not be shown in my records, but I have said it before,

I have already contacted support. Support says one thing, my phones show


Support says the phone shows active calls on the drop down. But it does

not. But this is all they could say.

No additional good can come of calling support on this matter. There is

much they can fix. This is not one of those issues.

I have to hope that someone else, that a 3rd party has a solution.

If i had a list of all the original developers behind each reinstalled app,

I might reach out to them to seek an updated version of that app.

But seriously guys, I have gone through 4 phones this year and each one was

loaded with different stuff, but this is an issue that has been on them all.

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