Debate on Screen size vs. Features: : : M , Maxx HD, or Razr HD


I'd like to open the debate on features vs. screen size.

I will be converting from to Verizon.  I'm interested in a couple phones.

First I would like the Razr M because I like the form factor and it appears to run the same processor as the Galaxy S3 and the other Razr line up... However, I LOVE the potential battery life of the   and razr_maxx HD... BUT, I'm not thrilled with the overall size of the screen of those devices.

So, the debate in my head is should I get the Maxx or the "M". OR should I get the regular Razr HD.  I've read that the M has pretty good battery life and on "PAPER" it has almost equivalent use statistics as the MAXX HD and better than the regular Razr HD.

can someone help me sort this out before i make a decision that lasts me two years that I'll regret?

I want:

1. a battery mizer

2. a good camera

3. form factor

I dont care much for,

1. huge screen

comments, suggestions?  Anyone have the M and can comment on experience thus far, performance or in the real world?

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Re: Debate on Screen size vs. Features: : : M , Maxx HD, or Razr HD


I originally went home from the store with the Maxx HD.  Went back after a week to switch to the M.  Heres my thoughts on both and why I went with the M.

The Maxx HD and the Razr HD have the exact same stats.  The only difference is the battery.  The Maxx HD was wonderful for that.  The battery was lasting me 4-5 days with light use, and 2 days with heavy use.  The weight, size, and build quality are all top notch.  I was very happy with it, save for 1 thing.  The screen size.  I did not like the way the phone fit in my hand.  I dont have the largest, or smallest, hands in the world and the phone was just awkward to hold.  I could not use the phone one handed because my thumb would not reach to the upper corners.  Holding the phone for long periods of time for phone calls was uncomfortable.

The Razr M has the exact same stats as the Maxx HD and Razr HD except for the battery and screen size.  The Maxx HD has a 3300 mah battery, and the Razr M has a 2000 mah.  On a normal day of use, I end up with about 30% from 7am-11pm and around 4 hours of screen-on time.  The size is absolutely perfect.  It fits in my hand great.  I can use it one handed with ease.  Making phone calls just feels right.  And its extremely solidly built.  I feel like I would worry more about the wood floors of my apartment than the phone if I were to drop it.  The screen, while not HD, is still great.  Not the best on the market, but very good.  Videos look great, games look great, and the colors are very vibrant.

If you are looking for a small phone, with great stats, with above average battery life, than the Razr M might be the phone for you.  If you want a large 720p screen that will last you for the better part of a week, than the Maxx HD might be the phone for you.  Either way you come out ahead, as both phones are wonderful.