DROID Razr M Not Syncing with Gmail


For the last day or so, my phone, which I've only had a couple weeks, hasn't been syncing with Gmail automatically. I've restarted the phone twice to no avail. It will sync if I trigger it.

I also noticed that my phone slipped out of 4G into 3G a day or two ago. After the first reboot, it went back into 4G, but the 4G indicator and bars are grey instead of blue, as is my WiFi indicator. My Twitter app isn't having any issues connecting and updating.

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Re: DROID Razr M Not Syncing with Gmail

Customer Support

Hi thagrrrl79,

That's terrible! Let's get your phone syncing again.  What isn't syncing on your phone? From what I am reading, I would recomment powering your phone off and pulling the sim card out.  I would keep it out for 1 minute and then put it back in.  It sounds like your phone just needs a soft reset. If you still have problems, please send us a private message with your contact info. 

Thanks, BobbyS_VZW

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