KitKat will delete your Swipe, you will have to pay $4 for the app to get it back, but you do have the option to use Chinese keyboard and instead of a Return button you will have lots of smiley faces. I want to be able to make a new paragraph, not send smiles to my clients.

Your battery life will be reduced to a max of four hours.

WiFi will not be recognized, and when you get it talking to each other, it will lose connection and you get to start all over.

Battery Icon is white on white so you cannot see if it is charging or not. Swipe down and you no longer have access to your info.

Text is all one color so your and your friends texts blend together.

Call Verizon and complain if your phone did this upgrade. They are being bombarded with calls and they need more so that they will put pressure on Google to go back to the interface that we all chose these phones for in the first place.

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