Casio Commando no Mic and charging issue..Help?


So this is my first cell contract experience after resisting the folly for some years.  Man am I disappointed.   I purchased a Casio Commando with a 2 year contract Sep of 2011.  I chose the commando because of durability and the reputation for durability they have in the watch world. 

Well....I've had the phone for 1 year and 2 months (just out of warranty) and it no longer works properly.  I have a dead mic that doesn't function during phone calls or during recording.  Also, the USB port no longer recognizes charge but does recognize a USB connection. Both problems arrived at the same time. The phone charges on the desk top cradle but not in USB.  I have removed and replaced the battery to no avail.  Otherwise the phone functions perfectly!!!!  I have not attempted a hard boot (reset)

The phone has not been abused and has never been submerged.  It went from working great in my house to not accepting charge in my car immediately afterword.  I noticed the problem immediately after using the Torque app through bluetooth.

I sent the phone to Cell Phone CPR and they could not repair the phone.  They stated that the USB and the microphone checked good.  They stated that they attempted to clean the circuit board but could not restore MIC and USB charge function.

Could this be a software or firmware issue?  Any ideas. 

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