Casio Commando 4G LTE: Problems w/Txt after chkg voicemail or no voicemail indicator?


We got the new Commando 4G LTE phone and were super annoyed that we could not get voicemail indicator to work.  When we turned it on, we always got a strange text message after checking voice mail.  When we turned if off we got nothing.  Additionally tried subscribing to Visual Voicemail but it did not give us an indicator either but also did not "refresh" when a new voice message was left.  Finally, figured it out - needed to change from "GLOBAL" setting to LTE/CM-- (whatever) in the Settings menu under More...

Many forums on the web discuss the problem with the text after checking voice mails and apparently Verizon support is not aware that this phone ships with "GLOBAL" as the default.  But here in the US we should set it to LTE/CM--. 

We hope this posting helps everyone else out there with this phone - it really is a great phone!

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