Cannot get native email to work with Office365


I have now had my Galaxy S5 for over one week.  I use Office365 for email through my GoDaddy account.  I have tried virtually every setting combination to activate the email but it is not working.  I have been on a tech chat session now (my third or fourth) with GoDaddy with No resolution.  They seem to insist that the device is having a problem.

I am able to access the web and use all of my apps without a problem.  I have even used a third party email client which worked.  Because I wish to use the native email app, I completely uninstalled the third party app, but the native still does not work.  I am getting really frustrated by the finger pointing between Verizon, Microsoft and GoDaddy.  I can't believe that I am the only S5 user out there on Verizon, using Office365.  Can't anyone figure out why I cannot connect to the servers?

I can assure you that all email addresses, passwords, server settings, etc. are being properly entered.

I never had these issues on my Motorola Droid Razr Maxx.

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Re: Cannot get native email to work with Office365

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If I understand your issue, you have email set up for your domain through GoDaddy - emailaddress@yourdomain.com.  And you access that email through Office 365 - and are trying to access Office 365 on your phone.  This would probably work flawlessly with a Windows phone....

I have several emails (through GoDaddy domains) that I access on my Android phone, but without the Office 365, or Outlook intermediary.  I just access the email through the settings given by Godaddy, and have no problems getting the emails on my Android devices. 

If I've misunderstood the problem, let me know... and if you need help setting up the email accounts without using Office 365, I can help with that too.