Can't Send/Receive MMS (No Luck on Other Forums)


Hi, I have just received a refurbished Galaxy S5, and I am not able to send/receive any sort of MMS. I have searched all over and have tried every troubleshooting technique I've seen. None have worked. After doing #3 and restarting the phone, I was able to send ONE picture message, but nothing else. Please see below:

Tried (in no particular order):

1. Factory reset

2. Soft rest

3. Changing mobile network (to LTE/CDMA)

4. Ensured that mobile data is on

5. Ensured auto retrieval of MMS is on

6. Remove & replace battery

7. Remove & replace SIM

8. Toggled WiFi on and off (tried it with WiFi on and with WiFi off, restarting in between toggles)

9. Every step on the VerizonWireless troubleshooting guide for this problem

10. Checked to ensure no blocks of any sort were on the data or messaging

Thanks in advance for assistance.

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Re: Can't Send/Receive MMS (No Luck on Other Forums)

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You might call Customer Service and have them check the text provisioning on your account.

Customer Service

Dial *611 from a cell phone

(800) 922-0204

7 AM - 11 PM, Mon - Fri
8 AM - 9 PM, Sat - Sun


Re: Can't Send/Receive MMS (No Luck on Other Forums)


I havent been able to send a pic text sence i got on verizon.

Never had a problem with PagePlus.

I have a verizon pay as u go i bought at walmart.

Once this cell dies i'll buy a PagePlus fone n go back with them.

This Verizon crap is for the birds!!!