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Camera Issue With Stratosphere

I recently purchased an officially liscensed upgraded phone (whatever the term is for that) to replace my Stratosphere - which I loved. The phone seemed to be fine but I've noticed a few infrequent but seemingly connected issues. OS related? Screen? Do I send it back to Verizon for another?

  • The QR scanner is sometimes fuzzy and blurry, simply no image can be read. This has happened 3 different times.
  • The camera sometimes has little black boxes (happened twice)
  • The photos have a reddish tint, sort of like overexposed 1970s photos (happened 3 times)
  • A photo that was autouploaded to Dropbox and then downloaded to my harddrive had a grey line on the left side. I went back to the camera, uploaded the photo to Faceboook (it was fine) and then downloaded to my harddrive and it was fine.

I have the short term warranty so I would like to determine the best course of action. I did some googling and found suggestions to empty the cache, reset the settings, etc. It has taken me weeks to get the phone itself back to working order with the right apps, setup, settings,etc so a factory reset or a replacement is discouraging. But I need a camera.


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Re: Camera Issue With Stratosphere
Customer Support

Hi there Sitnscoop,

There are so many instances where the camera comes into play, so it's really important that it works!  I'm sorry you've been experiencing issues with it.

I'm a tad bit confused as to what you mean by "officially liscensed upgraded phone".  If this means you got an upgrade from us then your phone is definitely covered under warranty!

We would first want to ensure you it's not a software issue that's causing the problems.

First try putting the phone into Safe Mode to see if there's a 3rd party application that's causing the problems:

If it does the same thing in safe mode I would recommend a Hard Reset:

Please ensure your Photos & Videos are saved to an SD Card or Computer. Your contacts are saved either by google or backup assistant. You can reinstall your applications by visiting > signing in > choose the My Android Apps tab.

Once these steps have been completed let us know if the issue persists.


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