Calendar Entry--Yearly Repeating


Hi, I am trying to put birthday's into my calendar, the problem I am running into is that when I choose the repeat cycle of yearly it pops up a box that shows me the correct date information. But when I save it and check the following years to make sure they are right, they are a day off.  For example: I put in a birthday for Jan. 13, 2011 and choose repeat yearly and save it, in 2012 the birthday that was supposed to appear on the 13th is now on the 12th.


Anyone else finding this problem or is it something I am doing incorrectly?


Thanks in advance for any help that may be provided.


Phone: HTC Droid Incredible

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Re: Calendar Entry--Yearly Repeating

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Maybe the calender app does not recognize that 2012 is leap year with an extra day.  Try putting in a date in 2010 and see if 2011 is correct.