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Battery dies really fast w my Galaxy SIII

I have a Galaxy SIII that is not holding charge and the battery will over heat at times to the point where you can barely hold the phone. I replaced the battery with my wife's phone battery and the same thing happened. It is able to drain a battery in less than 10 hours w/o using for hardly anything. Can this phone be replaced? I still have 8 months before I can upgrade. It doesn't help that the signal at my home sucks even though the map states we are in a great coverage area.

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Re: Battery dies really fast w my Galaxy SIII
Customer Support

Hello nashvegashawk!

I'm so sorry to learn of any issues with your S3! Let's look into this asap! When it comes to a device that's overheating, what we strongly recommend is taking it to a store location for a hands-on evaluation. Here's a list of stores to choose from: You mentioned that you harldy use the device in your post. Do you notice any pattern as to when the device gets overheated? Please check out the link and see what store is closest, so we can get a look at the device and complete an analysis about the overheating.

Thanks so much!

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