Any known issues with unlocked Nexus 6 and Verizon's network?


I recently picked up a brand new Google/Motorola branded Nexus 6, and had my local Verizon store put a nano sim in the unit and activate it.   However, since doing so I've noticed that the unit does a terrible job either staying locked onto LTE towers, or even just holding a signal when I'm moving between coverage zones.

Is this normal?!

So I guess my question(s) are:

a)  What are the recommended Cellular Network settings for a non-VZW branded Nexus 6, when registered with Verizon's LTE network?

b)  I set up my phone and accounts BEFORE getting a nano sim from Verizon and having the phone activated.   I've see one or two blog posts that mention that these units sometimes don't like not having the nano sim in them at the time of initial factory reset and configuration.  Is this true?  Am I going to have to factory reset my phone, in order to try and have it properly lock onto Verizon's towers from most locations?

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