Android 4 Icecream update nightmare.


My Android 4 melted down when trying to install the 6.16.217 update, which cannot be avoided. The phone starts up, then powers down, then starts up, then powers down, etc., forever.

Tech support first said I must have a corrupt file on my phone (i.e., this is my fault). After searching the web and seeing that others are having trouble with the update, I stated my case, and tech support started to acknowledge the problem, saying "yeah, one or two people are also experiencing the same thing."

After two hours with tech support, I was finally sent a replacement phone 24 hours later. Updating that phone was problematic too.

Beyond the update problem, I was really shocked at the attitude of tech support, and the general disconnect in information being provided. One person literally told me to leave the phone on for 24 hours with an error message on the screen, because eventually, the SIM card will be recognized. She clearly thought this approach is reasonable, and is  telling other customers to do the same. Is that not AMAZING?

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