i've had this phone for almost a year. now i live in a trailer and i know service isnt going to be great in the first place im in a metal box but until i upgraded to the ally from a moto razer i had amazing service everywhere even in my home i just went two solid weeks without a single bar of service on my phone ANYWHERE i went outside inside it didnt matter its like this phone has slowly just stopped working it wont load my email it doesnt get texts half of the calls go straight to voicemail and the only two apps i have on it, craigslist and facebook wont even attempt to load sometimes it says 3g and it wont even make a call when i do get connected it drops the call almost immediately even if im standing in the middle of my yard. my husband has the same exact phone bought about a month before mine and his works fine hes never had a problem. is there a reason for this or do i just need to trash this worthless but expensive piece of trash? I've had verizon since i was 12 im now 21 and this is the FIRST time i have ever had a problem with their service HUGGEEE disappointment i was really excited about my smart phone until all this.

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Re: Ally

Verizon Employee

Hi j.mccoy1990,

I'd love to help you with your device, I know how disconcerting your experience can be.

I would like to explain that we need to determine if you are having an equipment-related problem or a network-related problem. The best way to determine this is when you have the opportunity to have 2 phones in the same location, in order to compare their reactions. If they reach the same say, we can determine that the issue is network-related. In your case, from what you describe in your post, your issue appears to be equipment-related. I would like to complete some troubleshooting on your phone. For example, checking the phone settings and the network settings.

Has this ever been done for you? If you need additional assistance, please feel free to send me a DM including your name, your mobile number, and a contact number. I will be able to reach out to you directly.

Thank you very much and have a good day!

Christina B

VZW Support

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