Ally Complications


I purchased the new Ally two weeks ago. It seems like the two weeks I have had it something has been wrong with it. First off I had trouble getting my contacts transferred. After I succeeded w/that, my contacts had their #s all messed up. So I decided to manually transfer them to my new phone. After typing all of these in two days later they were completely erased? I dunno where they went or how they got deleted. Now I am using Backup Assisstant. I thought I had worked all the bugs out, but evidently not. Yesterday I was not able to send texts, but was able to recieve them. Took the battery off and then it worked just fine. Same incident this morning is going on. I am wondering if I should just send this phone back for a new one, or see if I can get this problem fixed. Any advice?

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Re: Ally Complications

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I understand your frustration. Try re-programming your phone by dialing *228 send and option 1.  HTH!