Adding pictures to the DROID gallery


I have only had my Droid for 1 week.  But I can not figure out how to get pics in the gallery.  Someone send (via text) some pics that I can move to the gallery.  I have pics on vzpix.com that I can't get to.  The only pics in my droid gallery are ones I took from the camera on the phone ??

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Re: Adding pictures to the DROID gallery

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If you're talking about desktop-to-Droid transfering files, then you want to follow these steps:


  • Connect your Droid to your computer via USB.
  • On your Droid, drag down the notification pane and click the USB symbol.
  • On your desktop (Varying from the OS that you have) it should bring up another window asking what you want to do with the device.
  • Click "Explore through windows" or something similiar to that extent.
  • Click and drag your pictures from your computer to the SD card.
  • ???
  • Profit.


But, if you're doing it through text messages, you want to press and hold not the picture preview (odd I know), but rather, the name of the sender of the picture to save it to your SD card.

Re: Adding pictures to the DROID gallery

when you receive a text message with a picture, touch the picture and hold and it will bring up options where you can save the picture.