A11 Samsung Voicemail Not working


Used to see voicemail notifications through the Voicemail app icon. Not appearing now even if someone leaves a voicemail.  What has changed? How can I get it to work again?  Thanks.


Re: A11 Samsung Voicemail Not working

Customer Support

It's important to have your voicemail notifications working on your device, masbzy. Let me get more details and get this issue resolved. I am not aware of any changes so we would need to find out what's happening with your notification.Are you using a call filter feature on your line? Do you subscribe to Visual Voicemail? If so, please check to ensure you check and see if your voicemail notifications are turned on. Here's a link for more details on the streets https://www.verizon.com/support/knowledge-base-215858/   . Please let us know if this helps and if not we can look into other solutions.