4G LTE switched to 3G after working fine for a year

My LG 4g LTE phone is a year old and has worked perfectly for a year. Last week, it switched to 3g in all instances, even in 4g locations that have always worked before, AND I can no longer send any photos over text. They get stuck on "Sending..." for days before I just cancel them. My data plan has not changed, my billing cycle started over the same time this problem started. I've used less than 1GB of data this month and my plan allows for my more. Calls and plain texts go through just fine. But I've lost 4G connection in my home and everywhere else where I've had it for a year, and can not send photo attachments in text.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: 4G LTE switched to 3G after working fine for a year

Community Manager
Community Manager

Help is right here, front & center! Let's get to the bottom of this together Android_User_TX. May I ask what zip code are you in? Can I assume that you are not having any voice issues? Does it happens indoor, outdoor, or both? As you share the details then we can investigate.

Thank you…

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