3G/4G Toggling for Nexus 6?


Ever since I purchased my Nexus 6, I have had trouble with a data connection at my office. My signal strength will show half of my bars for LTE, but I still can't load webpages, or I'll have a bunch of queued notifications or messages come in at one time. I haven't found a fix for my LTE signal, but for a while, I had a work-around. I would go to Settings>(Under Wireless & Networks) More>Cellular Networks>Preferred network type>(I would disable 4G/LTE and only use a 3G connection). My 3G connection was far more reliable.

Since the Android 5.1 update, the option to disable 4G/LTE has disappeared. I now only have options for "Global," "LTE/CDMA," and "LTE/GSM/UMTS." None of these options allow me to disable 4G/LTE, and use only 3G.

I've contacted Google's Nexus Customer Support, and I've been told it's an issue with Verizon. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Re: 3G/4G Toggling for Nexus 6?

Customer Support

JamesH1800, Help is here! I appreciate you brining this to our attention in regards to your data concerns. Let’s take a look to see what can be done about the intermittent data on your phone.

Is this affecting just your phone or others that are in your area? What is the signal strength on your device right now (How many bars)? Have you tried an option called Wipe Cache Partition? If not, no worries! Here’s how: http://vz.to/1R5boT2 Keep us posted!


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