3 HOURS AT VERZION STORE, Find NonData Phones? Ready to dump Verizon


We purchased the first generation HTC Thunderbolt's and both my wife and I started having major problems including my phone literally losing everything because of reboot issues.   So my wife had a great idea to buy two new Motorola Droid Razor phones on special for $99 bucks to replace them.  Sounds simple enough?  NO WAY.  First off we knew that we would have to add lines and pay a little extra because we were still under contract.  No problem.         The person on the other end of the phone (and confirmed notes IN STORE) said that when we get the new phones, put in the new Sim Cards and then restart to propagate the service then call them back to transfer our current plan & number to the new phones.  Sounds simple enough?  NOT!  First off, I followed everything to a tee on instructions twice including leaving the phones on overnight hoping they would propogate.  NOPE.   Then I called Verizon back to tell them what was going on they suggested we take them to the Verizon store. 

We get to the Verizon store and waited almost 30 mins to be seen.  Finally they called us up to the desk.  I explained to them what was going on and what they told us to do over the phone.  Now mind you I also ask the operator over the phone to make sure THESE NOTES WERE IN THE SYSTEM.  And they were as we found out very quickly in the store.    I explained to them what they told me that all we would have to do is install the new phone & sims, then call them to transfer current cell phone number to the new Razors.  They also told us over the phone (because we don't nor want 4 phones) that we would then install the new sims in the old phones to just activate them.  We wouldn't have to use them but just activate them.   After telling the people what they told me to do over the phone they had a puzzled look on their face and said "they told you what?"  I re-explained to them exactly what they told us and they said "First off, they told you wrong, that's not how it works".  Needless to say WE WERE PISSED OFF.   AND now somehow someway we have to find not one BUT TWO OLD VERIZON NON DATA PHONES AND THEN CALL THEM TO ACTIVATE THEM?   WTH???????????   AND IF WE DON'T WE'RE IN BREACH OF OUR CONTRACT AND THEY COULD CANCEL US.   We've been longstanding customers, never been late and this is how we're being treated all because we wanted to upgrade our phones.    THANK YOU VERIZON! We're now looking around. 

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