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i just got my moto droid yesterday and ive been playing with all night ive downloaded bluffmy call its a great app. What are some other really cool apps that you could use every day. DOES anyone know if there gona bring the police scaner?. i had that app on my iphones any time a cop would get close the phone would beep. Ay app that you would recomend please let me know.





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Here's are the apps that I really enjoy having -


Home++ - a really nice home replacement application


CalWidget - if you use Google calendar a lot, this is a nice widget to display upcoming events


Missed Call - simple app that can change your notification light if you've missed a call


Handcent - a great replacement for the stock messaging


Listen - for podcasts


SportsTap - great for quickly checking scores or stats


Shazam - figures out what song is playing


Zedge - good for finding wallpapers and ringtones


SimpleLED - basic app, turns on the camera flash so you have a quick flashlight




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Taskiller - a must-have for any Android phone, since Droids leave apps running in the background, eating memory.


Pandora - Internet radio is a cool way to get some music you'll like without the same old, same old all the time.


Iheartradio - A cool way to get many of your favorite local radio stations anywhere that there's cell service.


Google maps - If I understand correctly, the HTC Eris comes with it, but the Moto-Droid does not. I could be wrong, but if you don't have it, it's definitely a must have.


Droid coupons - Another cool one, as it gives you coupons based on your location, like buy one entree, get one free, at lots of big restaurant chains, plus links to free stuff you can get online.


Astro file manager - allows you to easily navigate through the stuff on your SD card in a fashion similar to a Windows based PC.


Depending on your needs and wants, I also downloaded things like unit converter, currency converter, and a dictionary.That oughta get you started.


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GoogleMaps does come with the Droid ... but that reminds me, a good follow-up app to GoogleMaps is Google Map Address.  It allows you to save addresses and use GoogleMaps to navigate to them.


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Check out thread on 30 must have apps-->Must Have Apps

These are the apps I have on my phone and that I find are useful/fun:


1.  1001 Cocktails

2.  Air Hockey Demo

3.  AlphaMixr

4. aTrackDog

5.  Backgrounds

6. Bartender

7.  Bonsai Blast

8. Bebbled

9.  Brightkite

10.  Diner Dash 2

11. iMusic

12. Google Maps

13. Lucid

14. Jewels

15. Mabilo Lite

16. My Coupons

17. Opera Mini

18. RingDroid

19. Ringo Lite

20. SpoofApp


22. Where'd my Droid

23. WorldTour

24. XGalaga

25. Save MMS


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i got the task killer missed call and the quik flash for the camera ive tried them all and they work good any more you guys recomend