Problem Sending Aol Mail With Email App Or K-9


i use aol mail

i mainly use k-9 but once i started having a problem i tried the stock app and it still happenes 95 percent of the time i can not send emails

for k-9 this is the error i get in the error log within the app

554- 554 AOL will not accept delivery of this message

com.android.email.mail.MessagingException: Unable to send message
at com.android.email.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.sen dMessage(SmtpTransport.java:264)
at com.android.email.MessagingController.sendPendingM essagesSynchronous(MessagingController.java:2536)
at com.android.email.MessagingController$11.run(Messa gingController.java:2466)
at com.android.email.MessagingController.run(Messagin gController.java:312)
at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:1096)
Caused by: com.android.email.mail.MessagingException: 554- 554 AOL will not
accept delivery of this message
at com.android.email.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.che ckLine(SmtpTransport.java:336)
at com.android.email.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.exe cuteSimpleCommand(SmtpTransport.java:350)
at com.android.email.mail.transport.SmtpTransport.sen dMessage(SmtpTransport.java:262)
... 4 more

now when i tried the stock email app i dont get an error because they dont have a log within the app to check but it doesnt send mail within that so im assuming its the same error


after googling it seems to be a somewhat common thing this 554 error with sending aol mail



but i dont know how to fix it..i prefer not forwarding my mail to gmail for a few reasons 1 sometimes it doesnt go instantly to gmail and a big reason when it is forwarded to gmail its automatically marked as read in aol


i found an old fix that i think would have worked but verizon doesnt have an outgoing smtp server anymore


so i would like to know if someone knows of things i can try to solve my current problems