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Music App Problem

I have the droid running 2.2.  I have Google Maps, Audible, and XM Radio.  I use the Bose in ear buds that work well under my motorcycle helmet.  One would think I am all set for a trip on my Harley.  Trouble is, I also have the Music app built into the OS.  Whenever I plug in the earbuds, Music takes over.  I can start up Google Maps for directions in my ear.  Within a few minutes, Music comes on.  Every few minutes, the music pauses and then starts up again.  And everytime it comes back from a pause, it defaults to Party Shuffle. If I turn Party Shuffle off, it comes back after the next pause.  The same thing happens if I try to listen to Audible or XM. After a pause, Music starts up.  I would appreciate any thoughts or assistance. 

Re: Music App Problem

This is a system error in the phone. Once you perform a factory reset it should resolve the problem. The steps are listed below:

1. Hold Home Button and press power (continue to hold until you see the triangle with an asterisk like in step 2)

2. Screen will show a Android with a triangle with asterisk

3. Let Go of Home Button and Power

4. Press Search Button (Far Right Button)

5. A blue menu will show at top of page, scroll to Format Device

6. Select Yes to verify

7. Allow format to complete (Information at bottom of page will go through a few steps)

8. Once Format is complete Blue Menu will show at top again, select Reboot

9. Sometimes phone hangs after reboot and will take a while but if no response after 5 - 10 minutes, pull the battery and reinsert. (Device usually starts fine after this)

Re: Music App Problem
Shouldve got shure earbuds