Ulephone Armor 3


I recently bought a Ulephone Armor 3T, a amazing phone for the price if you want rugged 10,000 mah+, I am a contractor and a phone geek, perfect for me in many ways.

Unlike other Ulephone models this phone supports LTE Band 13 and voLTE and works fine on the Verizon net at least to begine with. It does not support all the Verizon CDMA bands but that should not matter as CDMA is being phased, right? You cannot even add a CDMA currently to your account?

The Verizon checker says it is NOT compatable.

VoLTE does not work in my area, it is turned off. I have also tried roaming auto/locked, domestic/intl, etc., the behavior does not change.

When carefully not moving the phone and 4 bars of RSSI almost all calls will eventually drop. Note that they do not drop in the typical sense, the phone is being de-authed from the tower. It says emegency calls only then goes back to service. The call is not dropping, Verizon is kicking it off it would appear.


Pretty sure I am done with Verizon after over 10 years anyway, just thought I would see if any cogent responses out there.

So nice to see some competition building out.


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I'm not sure what you mean that VoLTE is turned off in your area? If your phone is not whitelisted then it means that company has not submitted it to Verizon for certification or it failed said crtification for some reason. How is that Verizon's fault? There are plenty of on-Verizon phones that are whitelisted so it's not like Verizon has some agenda aganst those types of phones. Did you go to a corporate store or call in to see if they could possible add it? Or did you just to toa  website then came here to complain?