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This may sound like a dumb question but if my Google Home Living Room speaker is connected to my hotspot all the time is it using data in the background?

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It is certainly possible.

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If your device(s) is/are reaching out to the internet for anything, you will be billed for it. 

The name of your device, "Google Home..." suggests it is run or managed by a cloud or internet service.  Every time your speaker reaches out to Google, then Verizon will see it and bill it against your hotspot.

However, if your speaker is talking to a local area network device like a PC to stream music without going over the internet, then VZW doesn't care.  Its only the internet traffic that counts against you.  Your usage may not be as bad as you think if the majority of your content is locally hosted somewhere.

Is this what you are referring to?


If so then it is definitely using an internet connection to respond to your voice commands.  Every time you ask Google to do something it is likely going to the internet to lookup possible answers.

One way to verify would be:

1. Turn off everything the hotspot connects to

2. Go to VZW and look up your current data usage

3. Turn the speaker system on

4. Complete a few normal commands that you suspect could use data

5. Wait an hour for the data usage metrics online to update

6. Go back to VZW and check your data usage again

7. Repeat this process as often as necessary

If your usage goes up when only the hotspot is connected then you know it is using data in the background.  You will have to discount the data used in the process of looking up of your data usage from VZW though.  I'd suspect a simple task like streaming a song from your Google speaker to have a considerable impact on your data compared to a simple website lookup.


Re: Hotspot Data Usage

Verizon Employee

That is a great question, Linda12519. We certainly want you to enjoy your speaker, and we can look into this further. John Getzke provided you with some helpful information regarding data usage. If the speaker needs internet access to perform certain actions, then it will incur data usage. We recommend using our data utilization tool to monitor your data usage. https://www.verizonwireless.com/support/tools-for-monitoring-usage/#datau Does this help answer your question?


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