GizmoWatch setup gender question


I just got a GizmoWatch 2 for my child. Setting up the watch requires that I set up an account for myself and set up my child on the account. When setting up my account, I am asked what my relationship is to my child (or whoever the user of the watch will be). It offers a few different options for cis-gendered parents, such as Dad, Mom, Daddy, Mommy, Papa, Mama, but nothing for non-binary parents, such as Parent.

When setting up my child as the watch's user, I am forced to answer a mandatory question about my child's gender with the only options being Male and Female. There is no option to either skip this entry or to give the correct answer for a non-binary child.

Verizon, this is discrimination. You must update the GizmoHub app ASAP to either remove gender identifiers or to expand the options to include people whose gender is non-binary. 

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