ZAGG Screen Protector


I just experienced the very problem these other customers of Verizon are having with the ZAGG screen protector warranty.  I received mine from a Verizon employee at a store included in a bundle...he told me lifetime guarantee, free replacement, so easy, blah blah blah.  I registered the protector that day online with ZAGG.  Today, 3 weeks later, I noticed my screen is cracked, so I got online to get a replacement and it says “no options, screen replacement out of stock”.  So I did some research and found lots of people complaining it’s always “out is stock”.  Great right?  I called my Verizon store and they pretty much told me it’s not their problem.  I replied that it is...they are the ones that promoted ZAGG and handed me the item.  I wish I hadn’t trusted Verizon now.